Leszek Klimas

Klimas effect, what is it?

The Klimas Effect is often called a miracle by the parents of children saved from obesity. That is not true, however. It is challenging and systematic work that requires cooperation and commitment from the whole family. Leszek Klimas is a motivator and creator of a creative nutrition training program. With his team of skilled and experienced dieticians and specialists working with him, Leszek is committed to a personal approach to every customer – a child, a teen or an adult. Leszek’s pupils are always in touch with their dedicated dietician. The motivation of Leszek, the master of the 2019 Atlas World, is legendary. The diet and exercise program are selected based on a detailed survey of the child’s or adult’s health status, the operations involved, injury and, above all, information on the current lifestyle and dietary habits.
Leszek Klimas does not judge neither his clients nor their parents. Child’s mental safety is the foundation of our work. Our cooperation starts with a meeting in person or online if the client can’t meet in a cabinet in Warsaw. The meeting ends with making a detailed menu based on the client’s preferences. The menu is supposed to taste good and not drain the client. Simple recipes make your food more pleasurable, while the size of your meal does not disappoint. The pupils often say, „I won’t be able to eat all of that,” yet they lose weight without the yo-yo effect.
KLIMAS EFFECT is a process whose last stage is to learn how to live with no Klimas Effect in a way to keep a healthy body. For this to happen, changes are needed not only on the plate but also in the attitude to physical activity. Exercises, which need to be Tailored to your needs and capabilities, are an essential part of losing kilograms. You don’t have to spend long hours at the gym or torture yourself with running. This is not the case at all. Training and nutrition are supposed to be pleasurable and become a great habit over time.

Are you ready for KLIMAS EFFECT?
The KLIMAS EFFECT is over 1000 kids and youth saved from obesity.
We have lost over 15 tonnes of fat in total.



Kilograms dropped

Leszek Klimas

Leszek is a hero for his charges, whom they trust and have a great time with. The effects are instantaneous. THE KLIMAS EFFECT is recommended to parents by pediatricians and psychologists.