We are what we repeat in our lives. Perfection is not a one-time act, but a habit.

About me

Master of the World Athletic Championships in 2019 (Slovenia) and a professional motivator, as well as an athlete. Born in the year 1976. He has paved the way for Polish tourist scenes. He began training at the age of 14. Throughout his lifetime, he has consistently pursued the goal of winning the world champion title. Leszek Klimas spent almost 30 years developing and improving a nutritional program based solely on natural products, which are healthy and safe. Vegetables, fruit, dairy, meat, fish, healthy fats. The whole secret is to combine products and choose quantities correctly. You should never be hungry. But you always have to be happy. It is Leszek’s mission.

After winning the desired Cup, he ended his professional sporting career and devoted himself to helping others. His life experience has been a great success in the fight against overweight and obesity among children and adults. However, solving children’s problems has become Leszek’s speciality.

Obesity in the youngest is a societal problem due to bad eating habits, lack of exercise, knowledge and motivation. Leszek is like a hero to his pupils. They trust him and love to spend time with him.

It is no surprise, then, that Klimas Effect is recommended to parents by pediatricians and psychologists.

Leszek Klimas

He has been involved in weight loss for almost 20 years, and has been working closely with children for 14 years. It is recommended by pediatricians and local doctors.