Sandra Brodowicz

She is a graduate of Nutrition Studies and Human Nutrition and Food Assessment. She is specializes in nutrition for both healthy and ill individuals and in the prevention and treatment of food-dependent diseases. She has received a title of dietician of theyear in a plebiscite organized by Polish newspaper called “Warszawa Nasze Miasto” . For years, she has acquired many satisfied clients. She treats her work as a mission, passing her knowledge at every step and spreading her love for a healthy lifestyle. Great empathy, skilful communication and building a relationship based on trust are the fundamental factors in Sandra’s work. She loves children and working with people, so assisting them in the changes in their lifestyle gives her great satisfaction. She likes to call herself a dietitian by vocation. In her personal life, she is a happy mom and wife.

Katarzyna Rozbicka

Dietician, medical analyst and food biotechnologist. She is a person who is not only passionate about her job but also has years of experience. She specializes in clinical dietetics, metabolic disorders and gastrointestinal disorders. Her day-to-day work with her pupils is based on building an honest and supportive relationship. Her ability to connect with children provides phenomenal results. She educates, motivates, and teaches self-discipline as a critical element of creating good habits, not only those connected to eating. In her private life, she is a happy mom of two daughters

Justyna Konicka

A dietician with over ten years of experience. She graduated from the Medical University of Warsaw and Warsaw University of Life Sciences with a dietary specialization. Being a dietician is not just a profession to her but, most importantly, a passion. It encourages her to further develop and expand her knowledge by participating in scientific conferences dedicated to health and nutrition.
In her personal life, she is a wife and a mom of three WONDERFUL children. Because of that, she can combine her passion and professional skills in her everyday family life.
Her life motto is: Exercising your mind and body is always right.

Izabela Sobolewska

Graduate of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences.
She has gained work experience from working as a dietician various hospitals in Warsaw (e.g. Institute of Mother and Child and Children’s Memorial Health Institute) and in private Nutrition Centers.
She has led various educational projects for companies such as: Adidas, Be Diet Catering, Klich Football School. She has participated in numerous conferences, training courses and state courses for dieticians. She is also a member of Polish Coeliac Society.
Her love for a healthy lifestyle has also led her to create an Instagram account called Strefa Zdrowego Żywienia.

Monika Krysztofik

A Graduate of Nutrition Studies at the Medical University of Białystok. She is a person for whom working as a Dietician is, above all, a passion. Monika is continuously expanding her knowledge by participating in various courses and workshops under the guidance of the best specialists in the field.
She has received an honourable mention from a foundation dedicated to people with insulin resistance. She is a member of, e.g., International scientific conference “Żywienie bez Granic” and II Kongres Pediatryczno-Żywieniowy, which is a conference dedicated to children’s pediatric and nutritional issues. The individual and holistic approach to the client is Monika’s

Karolina Dziadkiewicz

I am a psychologist, a therapist for children and youth and an educator. In my professional life , everything I have been doing for the past 15 years is dedicated to children and youth and everything that could affect their functioning. This includes their development, needs, worries and problems. My role is to help them and their parents overcome any issues they may face. Meetings with children remind me that extending my knowledge and skills is necessary. I have yet to hear the same story, which is why I treat my patients as individuals and make sure they feel safe in my presence. No matter what issues they face, establishing a good relationship is always a priority for me.

Jacek Pawłowski

Suicidologist, psychologist, specialist in preventing domestic violence, environmental therapist and a family educator. Member of the interdisciplinary team at the Kołobrzeg City Hall. Founder of the Foundation „Against Adversity,” working to benefit those in need of support and assistance. He acts in times of crisis and in the long term. He can find a common language with both adults and youth. He runs workshops for young people from schools, educational centres and children’s homes and educates them on violence, personality disorders, suicide prevention and self-harm. Issues such as alcoholism and psychoactive substances are also discussed. He is a laureate of The White Ribbon, which means he provides treatments for victims of domestic, school and family violence. Organizer and initiator of various integration picnics and festivals. He also created the „Kołobrzeskie mięśniaki wspierają dzieciaki”, which is a project whose aim is to help children who are, e.g. from small villages, have low self-esteem or have been abandoned. These children don’t have goals and don’t see a meaning in life. They have no motivation, may self-harm or have mental health issues. With the help of trainers and psychodieticians, he teaches them how to recognize and overcome their problems. Through movement to health, through being alert to reaching the goal. He works with local government to organize conferences and social campaigns. Cooperation with the Marshall Office has created a platform that provides free specialist services called SPECLINE. It is here that he provides psychological and therapeutic advice online. He cooperates with local media by talking on platforms such as Radio Kołobrzeg, Radio Koszalin, and Radio Plus about suicide, self-harm and violence. In Tygodnik „Gazeta Kołobrzeska”, articles are recurring, which, directed towards the reader, make it possible to stay in touch with those who need support and attention. He assists patients who are schizophrenic, depressed, have anxiety (including school anxiety) and other mental disorders. For years he has been teaching, supporting and showing his patients how to deal with painful situations physically and mentally. He is also a founder of the group „Osamotnieni”, in which he helps to deal with the death of loved ones, which includes death due to suicide. He is also the organizer of the national conference on domestic violence and problems of children and young people after the lockdown caused by coronavirus. Last year’s meeting, which was addressed to teachers, educators, psychologists, uniform services, coaches, instructors, and clergypersons called „Zżyj się z życiem, samookaleczenia, samobójstwa dzieci i młodzieży” was met with considerable interest and good response, including from youth.

Damian Bednarski

I am a Graduate of the Medical Department of the University of Lodz. After the postgraduate internship, I started specialising in internal diseases at the Provincial Specialist Hospital in Lodz. I take care of patients with internist diseases in my everyday work. I observe a massive problem with obesity and its complications.
In my private life, I am a husband, father of three sons, and a member of the Klimas Effect project, which has changed my life. Thanks to this experience, I am aware of the effects of the work provided by Leszek Klimas’ team.
I am happy to support this project, even if it is to a small extent.

Natalia Kołcio


Cognitive behavioural psychotherapist in training

Psychology and cognitive behavioural psychotherapy have been my passion for a long time, resulting in my desire to extend my knowledge on the topic in my adult life. I work with children and youth and support them in their development to ensure they can deal with the challenges of everyday life. I always make sure that therapy matches individual patients’ needs. I also make sure I cooperate with parents since it brings excellent results. Being a qualified psychologist, I use my passion to help others and offer them therapeutic techniques with proven effectiveness

Leszek Klimas

Odchudzaniem zajmuje się od prawie 20 lat, a ścisła współpraca z dziećmi od 14 lat.

Jest polecany przez pediatrów i lokalnych lekarzy.