Course of cooperation

Our offer provides for a monthly cooperation with the possibility of extension. During the cooperation with the Leszek Klimas Obesity Treatment Center, we provide comprehensive care consisting in:
Consultation visit in the Warsaw office or online*

During the meeting, we conduct an analysis of body composition using specialized diagnostic equipment. An interview about your current lifestyle and eating habits is also necessary. Before the visit, please prepare current blood test results.
The tests needed are: morphology, sugar level, fasting insulin, lipidogram, liver tests, TSH, uric acid, anti-TPO, vitamin D3 level.
At the visit, the customer receives a dedicated menu, which is determined in accordance with the taste preferences of the customer. During the meeting, we also provide guidelines regarding physical activity adapted to the condition, efficiency and state of health of the customer.

At any time during the metamorphosis, direct contact with a dedicated dietitian trained by Leszek Klimas is possible. This is very important if there are questions, doubts or when there is a lack of motivation. We never leave our customers in need!

After the visit, the date of the next meeting is set.
Payment is made before each visit.

After achieving the assumed results, we arrange a summary visit, ending the cooperation, we provide a summary of achievements and recommendations for further life in the Klimas Effect. The final visit must take place within 6 weeks of the previous meeting.

Each time the cost of the visit is PLN 1400.

The cost for two people (from one household) is PLN 2,000.

 *the online offer is addressed only to customers living abroad.


Doctors about Leszek Klimas

Doctors about Leszek Klimas